Ice Cream Mini Sessions with Katia G Photo + Alice & Brohm


Squamish! Take chances, make mistakes, and GET MESSYYYYYY! Read on for all the deets!

I am offering a limited quantity of Mini Sessions, in partnership with my buds over at Alice & Brohm. If you haven't tried their ice cream yet, check this out...


Together with Katia G Photo, you get real, authentic messy moments of you & your loved ones. These are perfect sessions for the kids, the grandparents, the newly engaged couple, or heck, maybe you want to propose with ice cream? Why not! These sessions are every bit as fun as you are, let's get together and make some messy memories! 


$150 - Includes ice cream*
Choose 2 images from a personalized online gallery

August 17: 6 to 8pm - John Hunter Park, Squamish
August 25: 1 to 4pm - The Ledge COMMUNITY COFFEE HOUSE, Squamish

Yes, I know, you want to book this immediately...So fill out this form, and we'll choose your spot! Additional dates may be added, so check back often. I'm so excited to meet you all! 

*ice cream for 2 people is included. Additional ice cream can be purchased at the time of your session from the Alice & Brohm Boler! 

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Squamish Moms - Have you heard about UBC's Childbirth Fear Study?


Hello lovelies,

So you just found out you're pregnant. A million thoughts flash quickly through your head. Is this for real!? You text your sister a photo ... "is there actually a second line!?" You wonder how you should tell the other half. You start planning the gender reveal in your head. You're relieved that you know what all those weird symptoms were about. You want to tell EVERYBODY! But as time moves along and you adapt to the changes you're experiencing, it starts to dawn on're going to have a baby. You're going to give birth to a baby! As you get closer to the big day, fear and uncertainty can set in. Friends and relatives are regaling you with tales of how horrible labor and birth were for them. You begin to think about how you will manage the pain. You become afraid of the pain. You have a hundred different suggestions coming at you from all different directions, and you don't know what to do. This can be an incredibly scary time for a pregnant woman. For some, it goes beyond that.

I have agreed to help with recruitment for a Childbirth Fear Study, being conducted by Dr. Nichole Fairbrother and a team of researchers at the University of British Columbia's Department of Psychiatry.

"The purpose of this new study is to find out if our new measure can help us to identify women experiencing clinically significant fear of childbirth. To do this, we are asking pregnant women to complete the online Childbirth Fear Questionnaire and a very brief interview to assess clinically significant fear of childbirth.

In our study, we are also looking at how childbirth fears relate to pregnant women’s birth preferences, mental health, and history of sexual abuse and symptoms of posttraumatic stress. This is an important topic because we know that women with mental health problems, or a history of sexual assault or trauma may find childbirth more challenging. We also understand that this is a sensitive topic.

This research is appropriate for women who are pregnant and 18 years or older. Please note that we would like to hear from ALL pregnant women (those who are fearful of childbirth and those who are not)."

TO PARTICIPATE, click here.

Thank you!


Squamish Baby Photographer Places in the Top 10% of Shoot & Share Photography Contest - Worldwide!


Hello lovely Squamish people...remember that time I entered the Shoot & Share contest at the absolute last second?

As a matter of fact, I entered BEYOND the last second...I had been loosely planning to enter when it came around, but life got busy and I put it off. I didn't have any particular images in mind. But it was a moot point - I found out I had missed the deadline. I was so disappointed.

But then! As I was scrolling Instagram ("But honey, I'm NOT just wasting time on Social Media, I am building up my business! You know, EXPOSURE and BRAND AWARENESS!?") I saw that the deadline has been extended. YESSSS!

I scrambled to my desk and pulled up a chair. I was at a loss on what I should enter. I didn't have that much time to read the rules or categories or descriptions. I didn't have time to go through everything I had ever shot. I didn't have time to formulate a strategy for how to get this Squamish photographer on the map! I just aimlessly went through my archives and thought "yeah, that one!" 

In my hurried state, I compiled 50 photos (the maximum you can enter - and you even get an "All In" badge for doing so!) I painstakingly resized them to meet the requirements. As I was uploading and categorizing them all, I was SO CLOSE to running out of the extra time I had been given - I wasn't even sure if I was going by the correct time zone. I just wanted to get it done, and the whole time I knew full well that my entries may not count. Creatives are some of the worst procrastinators I know, and I am basically the Mayor of Procrastination Town.

There was also some contest controversy regarding what constitutes "family friendly." Blow-up sex dolls vs breastfeeding. DING DING DING, FIGHT!!!

Though at the last second, it was decided that areola and breastfeeding photos WERE in fact, going to be allowed into the competition. 

Luckily, I made it. All of my entries were accepted, and voting began! I spent so much time trying to decide between my favourites. The evenings I spent telling myself to get to work, but instead hours floated by as I voted for my favourite of 4 images. I was addicted, and it was so, so fun. 

I am glad I got the opportunity to participate in this contest. 

I am extremely elated to say, I had 2 photos place in the Top 10%! The thing I love most about this, both of the photos were entered in the "Birth & Newborn" category. This is significant because in the 2016 contest, Birth photos were not included in this contest. This was brand new, uncharted territory for our genre of photography. To finally be included and accepted made my heart swell with joy! However, BECAUSE we were lumped in with posed Newborns (you know, babies in baskets, frog poses, headbands) we all thought, HOW could raw & real birth images compete with sterile, clean, studio images? But compete, they did. You will just have to see for yourself! I will include the link to the results at the bottom of this post. 

This Squamish Photographer *raises hand* also had 1 photo in the Top 20%, and 4 photos in the Top 30% of each category they were entered in! 

If this is how I placed without much thought, imagine where I will go, next year (when I plan ahead). Hello, my name is Katia and I'm a procrastinator. I am already excited for next year! 

Have a look at my top entries and let me know what you think in the comments!


Shoot & Share - Squamish Birth, Baby & Family Portrait Photographer


It appears to be contest season!

If you missed it, I am competing in the Birth Becomes Her contest - more info HERE

I did mention the Shoot & Share contest in my last blog post as well. Guys, it is SO. FUN. 

When I chose to enter, it was about 12 hours AFTER the closing deadline...I am a severe last minute-er. Thankfully they extended the deadline slightly. This is my first year in the competition - said to be "the world’s only free & fair photo contest." 

Photographers can enter up to 50 images, and there are 25 separate categories. Voters are shown 4 images per category, and you choose your favourite. The page refreshes, and on, and on and goodness. I have spent SO much time voting, it is addicting!

The contest is completely anonymous. There are no watermarks, no link backs, you have no idea whose images you are voting on. Even the participants don't quite know how they're doing, until the very bitter end! 

The reason I mentioned it in my last post - there was an extreme amount of backlash within birth photographer community. The Shoot & Share contest has always been touted as "family friendly," however the organizers used some very choice words to tell us what we can and cannot enter. Describing birth and breastfeeding as "grotesque." We were not okay with that! The birth community pushed back, and Shoot & Share relented! Breastfeeding images are now allowed, regardless of how much areola is visible! 

Baby steps. They still recommend against excessive blood. But Rome wasn't built in a day. 

If you have been voting, let me know if you spot one of my images! If you haven't been voting...what are you waiting for!? This is better than Instagram, folks! 

*UPDATE* I have made it to Round 9! NINE!!!!! This contest started out with 412,379 and we are left with only 67,561 photos. This means that my image(s) are floating around somewhere in the top 16.3% of the 400,000+ images that were submitted! I won't have any idea which photo(s) are still in the contest until it closes...the wait is killing me! But in the meantime, I'm still having tons of fun voting. And I must say, voting is getting much harder each round, there is so much talent here, it's unbelievable <3


Squamish Birth Photographer - Birth Becomes Her 2018


I am the most prolific blogger...not.

I quietly re-launched my photography site about a week ago. I did not make any social media posts about it, just hit publish! And here we are. I will not make any grand promises to keep up with this thing, but that is my *quiet* intention. 

For now, I want all my Squamish peeps (well, everybody, actually) to be aware of the Birth Becomes Her photo contest for 2018! I submitted 5 images, and 2 of them have moved on to the second round of judging - how exciting! I am just over the moon to be participating alongside some of my favourite artists.

The Birth Becomes her contest is first and foremost, a completely UNCENSORED contest. A grand movement to NORMALIZE BIRTH. We are sick and tired of being muzzled by social media outlets. If a photo is reported, we receive bans. Our images are removed. They threaten to shut down our pages and remove our work, and that is not okay. It is especially hurtful that scantily clad women are displayed, along with some really sick and patronizing comments, and when reported, these images stay up. I know, because I have reported hundreds of sexually suggestive images, and they are NEVER removed. It seems that women's bodies are not appreciated or worshipped (as they should be!) unless it's to please somebody sexually. This is not acceptable. The double standard is not acceptable.

Thankfully, the birth photography community has made waves recently. Facebook is listening, Shoot and Share is listening. Times are a changing, friends, and I want you to be a part of it! 

I would love it if you took a look at the art that was submitted here! Please note, this is a BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY contest - it will be unlike anything you've ever seen before! This is real, raw, and it is breathtaking - all of it. This is real life, and real love.

If you would like to vote for my images - click through the photos. I would appreciate each and every vote. However - collecting votes is not my intention here. My intention is to spread the love and beauty of birth photography.

To view all images in the contest, click HERE

Thanks for visiting, friends <3