Hello There!



As you may have noticed, I have done a little bit of housekeeping. My website has a new face, and my brand has a new logo. I suppose now would be a good time to introduce myself, and get the ball rolling on this blog o' mine!

My name is Katia Grondin, and I was born & raised in Squamish, BC, Canada.

Some fun facts, shall we? I have 2 amazingly adorable nieces, as well as a nephew, but no children of my own (yet?) I love animals, you can often find me visiting the Canada Geese that hang around town. I have a large pet snake - she is a Dumeril's Boa named David Bowie (Don't ask - I did not name her!) I'm currently training to be a solo skydiver (WHEEEEEE!) I have a fairly large family, including my dear sister, who just so happens to be a birth doula, as well as a business partner. Also - I have lived in Squamish for my whole life. I was even born at Squamish General Hospital - you can't get more local than that!


Now down to the nitty gritty...I have been taking photos from a very young age. I received my very first digital camera as a Christmas gift, but it truly started with the old disposable cameras - they used FILM! I would spend what little money I had at the grocery store - always buying cameras and having the photos developed. Most of them would make any photographer cringe, but hey, it was fun! So I kept at it.

As time went on, I was being asked to take photos for friends, families, and even some people I didn't know. It was when I got my first DSLR camera that I thought to myself "HEY, maybe I could do this!" But sadly, life has always gotten in the way, the need to have a steady income so that I can reliably pay rent has gotten in the way! I'm not saying the whole starving artist thing is true, but if I had relied solely on photography, I'd be starving, and probably homeless...But no more!

In the last 4 months, I have worked some insanely long hours in between my "real job" to make this happen. After many years dreaming, I am able to be more available for what I love; I am now the proud owner of a photography business! It has taken blood, sweat, and tears to get myself to this point (okay, maybe no blood!) but I am finally here. After a lot of frustration, boatloads of money, hours upon hours of research, bank appointments galore, millions of emails (MILLIONS!), almost giving up, being so excited I just couldnt hide it, 't almost giving up again, and back to excitement, I am finally able to put a lot more of my soul into my photography business, and soon enough, I hope to call photography my REAL JOB! This is what I love, and my heart is so full that I can finally, officially, launch this website!

So I just wanted to say hello, I am here, and THANK YOU to everybody who has helped me along the way. Every small session you have hired me for, every time I dragged you out on a photo walk, every time I borrowed your baby to play dress-up, every Facebook share, every word-of-mouth recommendation. And THANK YOU to every friend, family member, or loved one who has rolled their eyes at me because the answer to "what are you doing" is always "working" Every little bit of support and encouragement has helped tremendously. I would not be here if it weren't for YOU, my amazing clients and supporters. So as a THANK YOU, I would like to launch an exclusive special!

If you book a session between now and July 31st*, you will receive 20% off and TWO complimentary 8x10 prints**

To take advantage of this, send me an email and make sure you mention that you saw the special on my blog.

*Sessions must be completed before October 31st
**Excluding Wedding and Birth packages

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So, let's get together; I can't wait!

Thanks, lovelies!