Ice Cream Mini's - Session Information

The following is an FAQ regarding the Mini-Sessions. Please read carefully for all my hot tips!

If you haven't already, you will soon be receiving a SESSION CONFIRMATION email, that will include your date, time, and location. The mini's are taking place at The Ledge Community Coffee House, the brand new Alice & Brohm Storefront, and John Hunter Park** (see below for directions, and note regarding insect repellant). 

When should I arrive?

Arrive a few minutes early, or right on time. Please do not be late! Mini-sessions are short, and being even 10 minutes late may impact the amount of images you get to choose from!

Can parents be in the photos?

YES, I encourage it! Though these sessions are best suited for 4-5 people, so please do not bring along your whole extended family, as we will not have time to photograph them all, nor to dispense that many ice cream cones within your time slot! 

Can we take a group photo before we get all messy from the ice cream?

If you would like, I can snap a quick photo or two of your group as Alice & Brohm prepares your tasty treats! 

What should we wear?

I always recommend keeping it SIMPLE!

YES to neutral colors, muted tones, and simple, distraction-free clothing. This ensures your photos will look timeless.

NO to stripes, plaid, and large logo or graphic tees. These, and other loud prints can sometimes clash with each other. As well, logos and graphic tees look very casual, and may date your photo. You know, like when you see your Dad wearing a tie-dyed Grateful Dead shirt and a mullet...

Try to think of yourselves as one cohesive group If Dad's striped shirt will clash with Mom's floral printed leggings, consider something a bit more simple! if you have any questions, feel free to email me with your outfits and I can help you along! 

Also...maybe don't wear white if you are worried about spilling your ice cream. Or maybe, bring yourself a bib, just for funnies!?

...But but but! Simple is boring, can we dress silly!? 

You do you...these are merely suggestions. If y'all wanna wear animal onesies or 80's workout gear, by all means! These are YOUR photos, after all!

Will you share photos of us on the internet?

I am a big believer in Sharing Joy. However, I will only share your joy if you are comfortable with it!

When will we receive our images?

Shooting the photos is just the first part, then comes the post-production! This can take up to 1 week for your mini-gallery to be uploaded & delivered! Which brings me to the next question...

How will we get the photos?

I will upload your personalized gallery and email it to you. You can then share it with friends and family. Choose your favourite images, and you can download them right then & there. 

**Where is John Hunter Park?

If your session is in John Hunter Park, you actually won't find it on a map! I know this, because I just tried to google it so I could insert a map! Anyways, it's in Valleycliffe. You would drive all the way up Westway Avenue, past the Valleycliffe Mall (where you'll find the amazing Kululu Cafe and Hideaway Spa). Turn right onto Birch, and then left onto Hemlock. it will look like you can't go any further at the top of Hemlock, but keep going, and you will arrive at a gravel parking lot. Please park the the LEFT, if possible! 

Insect Repellant - If your session is in John Hunter Park, I recommend applying some insect repellant before coming to your session. Be Clean Naturally sells an excellent option! Also, Avon Skin-so-Soft is another great alternative to some of the more harsh DEET based repellants. I am not guaranteeing bugs, but they are a possibility you should be prepared for!

But wait, I have another question!

No problem, just shoot me an email here!

We are SO looking forward to meeting all of you, see you very soon! <3

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