Birth Photography - FAQ


How long will you be on call? How many weeks prior to my due date? Post due date?

I go on call when you are at 38 weeks, and stay on call until you deliver your baby.


What if I go into labour before you go on call? I there an additional charge if you are available?

There is no additional charge - however my presence cannot be guaranteed. If I am available, I am there.


Are you available 24/7 if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

Yes - absolutely. That is why part of the fees for birth photography are so high - During the on-call time I do not leave town, do not have wine with dinner, do not turn my phone off at night, and keep my phone with me 24/7.


Is there a time limit on how long you will stay with me if my labor is really slow?

Nope! Putting a time limit on a woman’s labor is not something I would ever consider.


Do you live here in Squamish? How far do you live from the Squamish Hospital? 

I was born & raised in Squamish, and I LOVE IT! I live less than 5 minutes away from the Squamish Hospital, and it only takes about 10-15 minutes to drive across town, so it should be easy for me to get to you no matter where you plan to birth.


Will you come to my home to photograph my early labor? Is it possible to get a few photos of labouring at home?

I absolutely will photography everything that I am able to. If you would like me to quickly pop by early labor, I will do my best to accommodate that. However, I cannot guarantee availability for early labor - I will do my best!


How long will you stay after that baby is born - Do you have a set number of hours minimum/maximum that you provide during the birth?

Again, I don’t put a time limit on your birth at all - though I do limit myself to 2 hours after your baby is born. This is usually more than enough time to capture all those first moments, and usually after about 2 hours it’s nap time for everybody, anyways!


Do you carry backup camera equipment in case something malfunctions? Batteries? Camera body? Memory cards etc?

I have a primary camera, as well as a backup camera. I have many lenses in my arsenal, as well! I have a few backup batteries for both cameras, and I have between 10 and 20 memory cards in my bag at all times. For further peace of mind, my camera body allows me to shoot the same images to 2 different cards simultaneously, so that in the event of a card malfunction, I should still have a good card with all your images. I also have a few extra backups in place once I get your images uploaded to my computer. This gives me, (and should give you) peace of mind that your images and memories are safe with me.


Do you have any backup photographers in the event that you can’t make the birth? Will I need to pay them? What happens if your backup can’t attend?

I have a whole community of backup photographers, and you have nothing to worry about. In the event that I need to call on one of them, I take care of all the arrangements and payments.


Do you have a contract?

Yes - I have a contract that is fair to both of us.


How many images can I expect to receive?

This is a tough one, as it depends on SO many factors! The average number of unique images is around 200. I deliver most photos in color, as well as black and white, so the number of files may be higher because of duplicates.


How long after the birth can I expect to receive images?

Processing an entire birth can take me up to 6 weeks. I do try my best to deliver them sooner, but based on current workload that may not be possible. Delivery is GUARANTEED by 6 weeks.


Can I get some images sooner? Will you provide a social media package of a few appropriate images for us to share once baby is born? 

YES - you will receive a few preview images in the first 24-48 hours after your babies birth. I can also create a custom birth announcement for you to post, or print if you would like. All I need are baby’s details. If you choose to purchase this add-on, I guarantee delivery of a digital birth announcement within 24 hours.


Are you going to post photos of my birth on the internet? Do you offer a privacy guarantee until all images are approved for sharing?

I LOVE sharing the magic and beauty of birth, and birth photography. I would love it if you approved some images for sharing, but you are not obligated at all! I do not post anything without approval.


What if I’m worried about having a photographer there effecting the natural birthing process by distracting or upsetting me?

My philosophy for birth photography is to be a “fly on the wall” so to speak. I blend right in with your surroundings - I won’t ask anybody to move, I won’t ask anybody to pose, and I have extensive experience staying out of the way of midwives, doulas, and other medical staff.


Are you comfortable taking direction from the birth team without taking anything personally? If they ask you to move or step out of the room, are you prepared to deal with this calmly and professionally?



What will you do in case of emergency? What if I have a Cesarean? What if I am transferred to a different hospital (or from home to hospital) for the birth? Will you accompany me? Is there an extra charge for this? 

I will accompany you and your partner wherever you go. You are hiring me to capture your birth story, however it unfolds! If you have a Cesarean, photography the actual procedure may be difficult, though not impossible. In this scenario, you need to be an advocate for yourself - you need to tell your birth team that you have hired me, and that you want me there. Sometimes they will let me in the OR with you, sometimes they will not. This is something beyond my control, but in the event I am not allowed in, I can always send my camera in with your partner, and some partially-automatic settings on my camera.